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The Polk County jail booking center is where someone arrested in Polk County, Florida is transported for booking (mugshot, finger prints, DNA swab) and be given a bail amount. It's at this jail the defendant will go in front of a judge to be issued a bail bond amount, or no bail.

If they are unable to post bond from the Winter Haven jail booking facility they are taken to the Polk County Detention Center. It's imperative that you contact a Bartow bail bonds company to get them released from the booking facility in Winter Haven before they are taken to the detention center. You may need a bail bond loan to get someone out of jail and it's important you get them out right away.

Polk County Sheriff Department

Sheriff Grady Judd
Address: 1891 Jim Keene Blvd, Winter Haven, FL 33880
Phone: (863) 298-6200

Polk County Sheriff Department NW

Address: 1045 W Wedgewood Estates Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33809
Phone: (863) 577-1600

Polk County Sheriff Department SW

Address: 4120 US-98, Lakeland, FL 33801
Phone: (863) 499-2400

Polk County Bail Bonds

Polk County Sheriff Substation SE

Address: 4011 Sgt Mary Campbell Way, Lake Wales, FL 33859
Phone: (863) 678-4710

Polk County Sheriff Substation NE

Address: 1100 Dunson Rd, Davenport, FL 33896
Phone: (863) 236-3900

Polk County Sheriff Central Substation

Address: 3635 Avenue G NW, Winter Haven, FL 33880
Phone: (863) 297-1100

DISCLAIMER: Please take notice, this Polk County free inmate search website is not sponsored by the Polk County City Government, Polk County Sheriff or any other government or law enforcement entity. This is a free website to help people find inmates and information about charges, arrest and bail amounts.



Polk County Jail

455 N Broadway Ave, Bartow, FL 33830
Phone: (863) 298-6200

Polk County Department of Detention

2390 Bob Phillips Rd, Bartow, FL 33830
Phone: (863) 534-6153

Polk County Jail Booking

7101 De Castro Rd, Winter Haven, FL 33880
Phone: (863) 292-3400

Polk Regional Detention Center

2155 Bob Phillips Rd, Bartow, FL 33830
Phone: (863) 534-7090


How do I find an inmate in Polk County?
You can contact the Lakeside Police department or the Polk County jail administration to find out if an inmate you know is in the Polk County Jail Booking facility by phone (863) 292-3400.
Is there a free inmate roster?
Yes, you can use the free Polk County jail roster at Polk County Jail or you can call (863) 533-2245 to speak with a Polk County bail bonds company.
  • Inmate personal information will not be given over the phone
  • Inmates information will not be given out by email.
  • Inmates under the age of 18 years of age will not be displayed
  • Inmates under protective custody will not be displayed.
  • For the most current information, check the status on the website or contact someone who can get that information fast by searching for "bail bonds near me".

Can an inmate post bond from jail?
Yes. If an inmate is awaiting trial and has a bond, a cosignor can hire a Lakeside, Polk County bail bonds company to get them out of jail for only 10% of the total amount.
How can I get a bail bond loan?
Getting zero down bail or a bail bond loan is done through a proessional licensed bail bondsman in Polk County, FL. Let the bondsman know about your situation and thebond amount and they may work with you. This Florida bail bonds calculator will help you determine the approximate costs of bail payments.
Are inmates allowed visitors?
Yes. Inmates at the Polk County Detention Center are allowed two 45-minute onsite video visits each week. These visits must be scheduled in advance, anytime between 8:15am to 4pm Tuesday through Sunday. If an inmate or visitor disregards the rules of the detention facility, the visitation may get cancelled.
How many inmates are in the Polk County jail?
Polk County Jail (Average Inmate Population: 2,603) According to the inmate population, the Polk County prison is one of the largest prisons in Florida, by far. Every day, more than 500 convicts are taken to court. Polk County Central Jail, County Jail. Adult, Capacity 3000 persons. 2390 Bob Phillips Rd, Bartow, FL 33830.
Can an inmates property be picked up if they cant afford bail?
Yes. You will need to have approval from the inmate. You can also request to have the inmates clothes replaced by completing a clothing exchange form